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Women's blouse GUESS

Women's blouse GUESS, color - beige, knitting, 100% cotton

€50.11 €25.05

Women's polo TWINSET

Women's polo TWINSET SCEE, colour - burgundy, with decorations on the shoulders, slit on one side, metal emblem of TWINSET on the front, composition: 70% wool, 30% polyamide.

€74.14 €37.07

Women's pullover DKNY

Women's pullover DKNY, colour - yellow, long sleeves, round neckline, composition: 58% mohair, 32% nylon, 10% wool.

€57.27 €28.63


Women's pullover DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER, colour - white, black and mustard, neckline "boat", long sleeves, composition: 100% cotton.

€84.36 €42.18

Women's pullover TWINSET

Women's pullover TWINSET, colour - blue and black, long sleeves, cut, with a connection on the side, metal emblem of TWINSET on the back, composition: 40% polyamide, 35% viscose, 25% wool.

€41.93 €20.96

Women's sweater BIMBA Y LOLA

Women's sweater BIMBA Y LOLA, colour - dark gray, with long sleeves, with slits on both sides, 100% wool

€33.23 €16.62

Women's sweater BIMBA Y LOLA

Women's pullover BIMBA Y LOLA, colour - deep blue, knitted sweater, long sleeve, 70% acrylic, 20% wool

€34.77 €17.38

Womens sweater LE COEUR

Womens blouse sweater LE COEUR, color - black, with long sleeves, with a sharp neckline, longer back, material: 64% viscose, 23% polyamide, 9% elastane, 4% wool

€65.45 €32.72

Womens sweater BALLANTYNE

Womens sweater BALLANTYNE, color - dark blue, with polo collar, long sleeves, composition: 100% wool

€40.90 €20.45

Womens sweater TWINSET

Womens sweater TWINSET, color - dark blue, with long sleeves, with the inscription LONDON on the front, fabric: 67% viscose, 29% polyester, 4% cotton

€66.47 €33.23

Womens sweater TWINSET

Womens sweater TWINSET, white with colored flowers, long sleeves, with metal detail on the back, knitted, composition: 70% polyamide, 20% wool, 10% Angora

€76.70 €38.35

Womens sweater SCEE BY TWINSET

Womens sweater SCEE BY TWINSET, color - black, polka dots, long sleeves, fabric: 50% viscose, 25% polyamide, 15% wool, 10% angora, inner lining: 100% polyester

€69.03 €34.51

Womens sweater DENNY ROSE

Womens sweater DENNY ROSE, sharp neckline, blue and white, inscription on the back, 50% cotton, 50% acrylic

€56.24 €28.12