Conditions of return



In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZZP), you must be entitled to cancel the purchased products within 14 days, you believe that the date you received the goods.


You have the right to contact the purchase without giving specific reasons for this within 14 days, you believe that from the date you received the cash.

The right can be exercised using a standard formula that can be represented on your profile - Account- Return to product and specify the amount of return existing and effective upon return of the product.

To comply with the short deadlines, you can delete the products back, provide services to the Courier company without unjustified entertainment.


Use to use the return product itself with:

  • The examinations must be carried out within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods.
    You must not inform your intention to replace the product received, and you should carefully use an additional Return Formula, which must remain sufficient for you to see in My Account - Portal - Return the Product.
  • Complete the Return Form, leave with the product supplied and accompany it with the delivery of a fiscal cash voucher.
  • The product must be in its original form, packaging and quality, the label must not be removed from the product without being able to leave enough closed material.
  • The product should not be used, soiled, treated (washed, ironed or traced with cosmetic products) or in appearance;
  • Once you have received the products, you will check that you have provided information about the original condition and the type that you can sell, making sure that you can identify any observations that need stability.
  • Reduce to maintain the amount to be no later than 14 days from the date you receive the product back. You can bank your IBAN direction and three names.
  • If the advertisement is the length of a pound found, product defects not described, non-compliant with size obligations or non-compliant with branding, courier return activities are our responsibility.

Cash repayments are not accepted.

Right with the rotation of the goods, which is negligence and unknown packaging have been damaged during transportation, you will need to contact the customer for it. Please do not forbid carefully packing and ensuring the integrity of the shipment.

Send the goods whose return or advertising cannot be accepted back to the Customer for his need.